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Developers News:

New Artwork And Sprites Are Now In Color!        

By: BladesOfGlory                                                                                                           12/24/2013

We now have fully coloured character sprites. The game will have some scenes where the characters will be talking directly at you up close. We are currently testing this to make sure the ratio and screen size fit just right.                               

Introducing: The Chief's Daughter                                                                                   11/27/2013

By: BladesOfGlory

Name: Amaya

Age: 18

Lives in: Chutakan Amazon Village, South America

Occupation: Princess of the Chutakan tribe

Hobby: Archery

Favorite food: Wild fruit that she cultivates herself

She will be an unplayable character but still have an important role. This mysterious young woman knows a lot of the secrets of the ancient ruin. She also knows many other secrets that nobody else knows. There's a lot more to the Chief's daughter than meets the eye.

New Character Concept Sketches.                                                                                                                                                                        11/5/2013

By: BladesOfGlory


Here are some new sketches from our Jim Wells game. They were drawn by freelancer Sagan Tucker.

Stay tuned for more updates on game development and artwork.

Name: Thomas Wells

Age: 52

Lives in: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Archeologist

Hobby: Unraveling mysteries

Favorite food: Rice pilaf




Name: Chief Chutakan

Age: 48

Lives in: Chutakan Amazon Village, South America

Occupation: Leader of his tribe

Hobby: Horseback riding

Favorite food: Fish that he catches


Jim Well's Amazing Amazon Adventure.                                                                           11/3/2013

By: BladesOfGlory


Our latest project is about a 19-year old college freshman named Jim Wells, who lives in Miami Florida with his parents. Jim is trying to make the most out of his summer, spending time with his father before moving out to his first year of college. Jim's father is a well renowned Archeologist in search of unraveling the mysteries of the amazons of South America.




One day, Jim's father was given a tip by his fellow co-workers about a lost ruins found in an uncharted area of the Amazons. Jim and his father flew to the jungle where they are greeted by the natives of a peaceful village near the ruins. The village still is the way it was hundreds of years ago and the natives don't have any need for technology. The village chief invited Jim and his father into his teepee, talking about the amazon and the history of the ruins. After a long talk, Jim felt tired from his trip and decided to sleep. One of the natives kindly invited Jim to stay the night over at his teepee. As Jim slept, his father went to the ruins to take pictures and never returned. Jim woke up the next morning, he went to the chief's teepee to look for his father, but the chief told him that he hasn't returned since he went to take pictures of the ruins. Jim felt worried and concerned about his father not coming back, he decided to go to the ruins himself and find his father. Jim will soon find himself on a quest to save his father and solving the puzzle of the mysteries of the Amazon.




This will be an RPG/Adventure game with some puzzle elements. There will be some place to explore and people to meet to open up the way for the protagonist. The player will be able to control Jim and navigate him through mazes while avoiding traps. Jim will have an array of different weapons such as his father's Machete and pineapple bombs (literally). The player will be able to use some healing items to restore his health such as red potion vials. There will be some event items that you need to collect so that you can advance through the game. The game will be for PC only and will use the keyboard as the controls. You also can use a programmable controller to play the game. Jim is able to walk, talk, attack, jump and push objects around. There are enemies that move around that Jim must avoid coming in contact with. Most of his foes move at different speeds, so attacking and dodging would be crucial. At the end of each level, there will be a boss for the player to beat. The player must figure out what the weakness of the boss is.




Jim (the protagonist)
Thomas (Jim's father)
Chutakan (the village chief)
Amiya (the chief's daughter)
Jacques Dubois (a lost archeological explorer
Cruz Castillo (wondering traveler)
Chet Castillo (the brother of the traveler)
Dr. Lugai (mad scientist
There will also be some other characters who aren't vital to the game.


Levels of the game include:
Amazon maze
Sacred ruin temple
Coral reef
Giant submarine
Mountain top
Mad scientist's laboratory



Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated on this game.